Ol gay looking boy?


 Discussing music and more… with a 15 year old male youth

Me: “So who are some of your favorite artists?

Him: “I like 2pac, Nas, Jeezy, Eminem, Frank Ocean…”

Me: (surprised) “Frank Ocean”??? “So you don’t care that he’s bi-sexual”?

Him: (smirking and shaking his head) “Nah, you know how many kids I know that are gay or bi… just because I like his music doesn’t mean I like dudes…Plus have you heard Channel Orange”!?

Me: (Laughing and slightly amazed) “You’re right, very true.. and nah I haven’t heard it yet”

So why this post? I don’t know but I felt moved to share. Originally this post was just going to be about the conversation above and a few thoughts regarding the topics discussed. However, in the wake of Michael Sam’s announcement, the topic of homosexuality has once again entered center stage and I felt moved to write about it. Staying clear of that post, for now at least, and probably forever, I decided I would merge the two ideas and people, take some time out of my day and briefly express myself. My main reasoning for sharing this with you is largely due to what this young man demonstrated when talking to him. I felt I had to pass on the insight that was passed to me. Here is a 15-year-old “black” male, displaying what some people three times his age have trouble showing; the confidence and assurance in who he is and how he feels. He showed an ability to think for himself regardless of how the other youth who were with us at the table felt about the topic (they had a difference of opinion). Regardless of what the majority of the world may think of gays, bi’s, and other taboo’s, this boy showed me if no one else, that a change for the better is forthcoming. If he can think that way about this topic what is he capable of thinking differently about next? (see bottom of the post and oh yeah in the midst of showing me what I just mentioned, he also showed good basketball skills and happily went from girl to girl throughout my time there..not from girl to girl like Will and Grace, no he was trying to make moves lol.. Just thought I’d add that in for at least one of you)

So could “norm” be dead? No. Especially not regarding this topic. He will probably live forever simply behind the energy this topic provides him with. The norm in our society is to separate. We have done so through religion, skin color, class, and now preference (for those of us who believe it is a choice that is). I personally could care less about someone else’s preference. Now, I can see how that stance will influence my parenting, but I cannot see how it will influence my love towards the men and women who are supposedly my brother’s and sisters. Now if I could touch on norm again (yoooo! insert slang here), he definitely took a huge blow (ayeeeeee! here too) with Michael Sam’s announcement. Sam, who is projected to be a top pick in this year’s NFL Draft, is totally breaking down stereotypes and people’s perceptions of what gay is and is not. Now before I move on, can I ask if we are in agreement that he doesn’t look to gay huh? For those who need it satire is available here all week.

Anyway I started to expand on this post but I decided I’ll save myself the headache (you should see my draft count smh). The topic of homosexuality is too much for me anymore. Instead, I am gonna go listen to Channel Orange, because say what you will, Frank Ocean is a dope artist, and that’s the only thing I feel I can rightfully judge him on.

Peace and progress please

Oh and one more thing.. maybe two…whoever said the most vile and hateful thing about Michael Sam.. he is going to be drafted by your favorite team real soon. Have fun with that circus on media day lol

And lastly, imagine if we stopped wasting time and energy on who is fucking who and placed our focus on uniting and coming together. Maybe we focus on what we want our Government to do for us. Like how we shouldn’t be eating hybrid acidic foods. How about we demand they stop sending innocent people to prison, or shit maybe we change how the prison system rehabilitate’s its workers, I mean prisoners? Or maybe we focus on eliminating harmful toxins, or we demand to put an end to spending billions of dollars on wars? Possibly we could then use that money to feed the homeless and the babies. Or we could focus on creating better jobs and infrastructure? Maybe we provide better quality of living for our elders? I don’t know just some random shit that popped into my mind as I got ready to publish this.. as you we’re.


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